1-on-1 sessions

Doing Homework
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1-on-1 sessions or small group sessions are a great way to receive individualized attention outside of the classroom. Well-Turned Writer provides reading and writing support for all grade levels.  

What outcome should your child have as an active reader? They should be able to:

  • compare and contrast characters and themes

  • make prediction and inferences that lead to drawing conclusions

  • recognize cause and effect

  • understand sequences

  • understand main ideas and details

  • summarize what they've read in their own words

What outcome should your child have as an active writer? Well, first we need to understand that writing is a four-step process. We brainstorm an idea, we draft our piece, we revise by adding or eliminating details, and THEN we edit for grammar and spelling.

We also need to consider what we are writing. From there we can define our goals. Is it to clearly state our opinions in a persuasive piece or is it to flavor our sentences with figurative language and descriptive imagery? 

Whether your child needs help with homework or a lesson plan, 1-on-1 instruction provides a space for them to work out any academic shortcomings with thorough end results. 

- C.P.



I really learned a lot this semester. The extra tips on how to pitch a show are really going to come in handy.


Thank you for all of your feedback throughout the semester. I've learned a whole lot and I very much enjoyed the course.


Despite his challenges, he's really shown improvement in his writing since working with you. Thank you!