Need Media Related Services? Reach Out for Various Writing & Editing Services. 

Video Editing

Includes non-linear edits, audio matching, titles, and effects. Footage must be pre-selected and organized.

$25/per minute of final product

ex: a 4 minute video is $100

Script Coverage

Includes synopsis and feedback organized by each act, character development, and cinematic structure.

$80 for scripts under 100 pages, $0.80 per additional page


Need a product or service description?

Looking for assistance polishing your final draft? 

$0.15/per word

min. charge 100 words

Additional Writing Services

Additional writing rates are based on project length. Shorter projects i.e. letters or copywriting are rated per word whereas longer projects such as ghostwriting or manuscript editing are rated per page. Certain project types or ongoing projects may be subject to hourly rates. Please email to receive a quote. 

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